Thursday, July 5, 2012

Family Fun on the Fourth

While we usually stay in town on the 4th of July and watch the fireworks over the State Capitol Building, this year we spent the evening at my sister's house.  My parents were there, but we missed Matthew, Megan, and Malachi.  Still... a festive time was had by all! 

Due to the crazy heat we are experiencing, the dining was moved indoors.  (This prego Momma was all in favor of that!)  Prior to gorging ourselves on burgers and dogs, we enjoyed Despicable Me as pre-dinner entertainment.  After dinner, the choice was Puss in Boots.  As you can see, my Dad and Rachel got cozy on the floor.  She insisted he cover up with Auntie Val's prized zebra print blankie.

Aren't they cute?!!

Papaw shared or just got hot :-)
When the temp was a little under 95, we took the party outside for some cornhole or beanbag toss as the kids called it.  Uncle Adam played with the kids before the adults took a turn.  We all got some good laughs... especially watching Caleb!  He had such interesting form - if you could even call it that?

Turn sideways, bend over, pretend to surf, squint one eye, stick your tongue out... and you too can play cornhole like Caleb!

About 9:30 p.m., the neighborhood block party launched their fireworks.  It wasn't too shabby... from what I understand about $1400 was spent on fireworks.  (I LOVE FIREWORKS, but I'd never sink that kind of money in to them to entertain the neighbors.)  Then, we were able to see Richmond's fireworks from Adam & Val's driveway as well, so I think we scored well in the fireworks department. 

When the fireworks show wrapped up, we quickly piled the kids in the van and headed home.  With a bedtime of 11:30 p.m., I thought for sure we'd sleep in today.  Unfortunately, no!  Two were up before 7 :(  Oh well - early bedtime tonight :)  It was wonderful to be with family yesterday and to celebrate the many freedoms we are afforded in the USA.  However, what brings me even greater joy is that as a family, we have all found true freedom in Christ!  Hmmm... I'm thinking the fireworks in Heaven will be beyond amazing. 

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Nicole said...

Hi there! I'm a fellow Crew member that also has a heart of advocating for foster and adoptive children. Following your blog now and can't wait to read your story! Your daughter is beautiful!