Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Grandfather"s Journey - FIAR Co-op

With our favorite book buddy families, we "rowed" Grandfather's Journey by Allen Say.  I love that this book shares a character having very strong ties and great love for two different countries.  It allows for the real feelings and longings to be in both places at the same time.  I understand this duplicity as do two of my kiddos.  I love that this book affirms that as a natural feeling.

In our FIAR co-op, the kids got to learn more about the geography and landmarks of Japan.  They even tried their hands at some origami.  It proved to be a little tough, so Mommy had to step in.  I must admit that I struggled a bit myself. 

Enjoying a snack with their pals!

The kids favorite part of class was our special guest.  Ms. GiGi came to share with us about the birds she raises, and she brought Rosie to visit.  Caleb especially loved this - he was full of questions!  He studied the packet of information that she gave out and gave Daddy a briefing on polly birds when he got home from work. 

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