Sunday, January 22, 2012

Birthday Celebration: Part 2

This is the face of a happy 7 year old boy!!! His belly is full, his family all here, and he's ready to open presents.  My apologies to the fam... I got lots of opening pics and very few pics of the presents themselves.  Of course, he loved his new clothes and toys!  Thanks for loving my special lil' guy so much and making his birthday memorable.

Cars & Transformer Shirts
Uncle Adam & Auntie Val found the silliest birthday card - a hamster with googly eyes brought on the giggles for sure!
Nerf - need I say more?!
Announcing to Caleb the new Power Ranger toy he got :)
Since he had already had a CARS cake, we went with Spiderman cupcakes this time around.

Happy Birthday Jeremiah!!!

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