Monday, January 30, 2012

Counting it ALL Joy

60.  my bed
61.  pain medication when needed
62.  the hugs of my sweet children after a night away
63.  God's promises
64.  the comfort of sweatpants (not an every day fashion statement - I promise!)
65.  prayers of friends and family
66.  technology allowing me to stay connected with so many
67.  the care, protection, and understanding of my dear hubby
68.  beautiful flowers from my parents
69.  sunshine
70.  an acquaintance becoming one I can call a friend
71.  Rachel's growing confidence
72.  the stirring in my heart to pray for a stranger
73.  SCC weekend services that never fail to move, touch, and encourage me
74.  The resonating "Do for one what you desire to do for all!"
75.  TGIF frozen potato skins
76.  A beautiful necklace - a gift from my BOY

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