Friday, December 17, 2010

Where, Oh Where, Have the Dance Tights Gone?

Where, oh where, have the dance tights gone?
Oh where? Oh where can they be?
They're not the ugly olive green kind,
But the ones I just had my best friend pick up for me!

As catchy as this little ditty may be, I was not so happy to be singing it!  Originally, when dance costumes arrived, we were given options as to where to buy the girl's dance tights.  Attempting to be "Bargain Betty" (ok - that's really my friend Gretchen's self-appointed yet incredibly accurate title!), I opted for the Payless option.  Out with the Black Friday crazies, Gretchen gave me a call and actually picked up the tights for me.  SCORE!

It wasn't until opening the tights on dance picture day that we realized that they were not nude or suntan at all.  Instead, they were a hideous brownish - and on Rachel, an olive green color.  Ick!!!!  They clashed horribly with the teal outfit, but thankfully, when photographed didn't appear as ugly with the white costume.  Hence, the fact, I purchased some of these pics of my cutie!!!!  Really, can you blame me?  How could I not splurge on these?

I decided that it would be best to get the more expensive tights for the actual dance recital, so Rachel would have a more attractive ensemble and would match the majority of the other girls.  Since the store that sold the dance tights was so close to my best friend's house, Jane was able to pick up a pair of tights for me and bring them to church.  Unfortunately, between Sunday and Friday, I managed to lose the tights.  I looked every place I could possibly think to look, and they were nowhere to be found.  While looking, I was ranting and raving, so my hubby agreed to go to the store and buy another pair.  Unfortunately, shortly after he left, he phoned to say that there were no longer any tights in Rachel's size available.  Ughhhh!

As I loaded up the munchkins to head to Shelbyville, Rachel in ugly tights mind you, dear Jon headed to a dance store in Lexington.  Thankfully, mid-rehearsal he phoned to say he had pretty tights in hand :-) I believe, Rachel was a tad-bit overwhelmed at the big stage.  Before all the other girls arrived, Miss Kacey took her up on the stage and Momma nabbed a few pics.  Then, when class started, Kacey went to work placing the girls...  "X marks the spot!" and my baby was front and center :-)

It was in the lag time that Rachel began to panic.  I knew it immediately.  She started fidgeting with her skirt, looking at the ground, and scratching - all tell-tale signs that she is uncomfortable and/or nervous.  I went to the stage to talk to her, and she touted her typical, "People no look at me!"  She never wants to be singled out, the center of what she perceives as negative attention, or feel as if people are laughing at her.  I did my best to reassure her, but the magic happened as soon as Kacey turned the music on.  Rachel's eyes were glued to Kacey.  She mimicked her every move and was completely focused.  She danced surprisingly well.  I was so proud of her. 

We exchanged some high fives and hugs, and I changed her into her tap costume.  Miss Pris took the stage with some confidence this time and did a great job.  I'm so proud of her - what a LONG way she has come in 10 months!

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