Monday, December 20, 2010

Sibling Gifts

One of the gifts of having siblings is actually receiving gifts from siblings.  Actually, this was part of our quest in teaching the kids that it is better to give than to receive.  I can't take credit for it, as I totally stole the idea from my friend Gretchen.  We had lots of fun though.

Jon took the boys one at a time, and I took Rachel shopping.  We hit one of our kiddos favorite spots - THE DOLLAR TREE!  The kids had so much fun roaming the toy aisles to pick out the perfect presents for their siblings. 

After shopping success, Mommy and Daddy decided the gift of yummy Mexican food was in order.  Who doesn't love La Fiesta Grande???  However, while enjoying our food, one thing became crystal clear - our kids can't keep secrets.  Hmmm... must have inherited that gene from Auntie Val! 

To keep the beans from spilling anymore than they already had, once home, we sequestered the children in our bedroom to watch the original How the Grinch Stole Christmas.  Individually, each child emerged to join Mommy in wrapping their carefully chosen treasures.  Foregoing the conclusion of the classic cartoon, the kiddos gathered around clutching their prized purchases as giddy as giddy could be!  Once they exchanged gifts, paper flew, and you would have thought they had the most amazing gizmos and gadgets ever invented! 

"Wow - just what I always wanted!"
"You got this for ME?!?! I LOVE IT!"
"Yay, yay, yay!"

It was absolutely precious how excited they were!  It doesn't take a lot.  $6.36 out of Mom and Dad's pocket and a little thoughtfulness on the kiddos part equalled lots of JOY in the end.... and maybe a Christmas lesson learned.  It is just as wonderful and fun to GIVE as it is to receive.

 Exchange and Open
 Two Happy Boys
 Super excited to open her princess wand and tiara!
Showing off the new loot

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