Sunday, December 5, 2010

Santa at Cracker Barrel

To celebrate a baptism at church, we joined several of our GCC family members for lunch at the Cracker Barrel in Shelbyville.  While waiting in the country store section, an elderly gentleman clued me in that Santa and Mrs. Claus were dining.  Because of the baptism, I had the camera tucked away in my purse, and I'm so glad. 

Our group was fairly large, so we were being seated at two big tables.  Our friend wasn't sure why the kiddos were headed towards the far table, but he was unaware that they were actually positioning themselves closer to Santa.  Yes, Santa and the Mrs. dressed in complete North Pole attire were literally dining at the table behind us.  The kids absolutely lit up, and Santa and Mrs. Claus gave us a wave. 

As I was seated, I commented to Santa that this was the first time that Jeremiah and Rachel had ever REALLY seen Santa.  He was so nice.  On his way out, he stopped by our table, asked the kids what they wanted for Christmas, gave hugs, and smiled for the impromptu photo op.  The only thing missing was a jolly "Ho! Ho! Ho!"

Jeremiah asked, "Is this North Pole?"  I replied, "No honey, this is the Cracker Barrel.  Santa's just hungry."  The ever observant Caleb asked where Santa had his sleigh, and I assured him it was parked on the roof.  As we were leaving, he scoped it out to find it missing.  I reminded him that Santa finished eating before we did and had to head to the North Pole.  Although, my sister informed me he just moved on to Richmond.  She spotted him not in his sleigh but sitting in a purple dodge neon in the Meijer's parking lot! 

Other cuteness from today....

**All dressed up for church, Rachel says, "I so pretty!  People LOVE me."

**Caleb asked to pray before supper tonight.  He said he wanted to pray for John the Baptist's parents because they are REALLY old.

I love these crazy kiddos!

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