Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Countdown to Christmas

Is it Christmas yet?  How many sleeps till Christmas?  When is Christmas?  The questions have begun, and as we all know, 4 and 5 year olds don't grasp the concept of time.  I can remember making the infamous paper chain as a child and have had Caleb do the same the past couple years.  This visual and the physical act of tearing a link off the chain each night will hopefully help. 

This year while the 3 little ones worked on their paper chain, I attempted to make the activity somewhat educational.  The boys wrote all the numbers on the red and green paper.  Jeremiah can count to 10 flawlessly now - Hallelujah! So, he handled those digits while Caleb manned the teens and twenties.  Rachel was the chief artistic designer.  She drew lots of pictures and the boys joined her in decorating once the numbers were written.

After our 24 papers appeared quite festive, I mixed them up and spread them out on the rug.  Then, we had the task of putting them in order.  We rotated so they each had equal turns.  This is what happens when you become a homeschool Mommy... everything becomes a lesson plan :-)  Oh well... learning is fun!  Paper chains = Math for the day!

As the kiddos found the numbers in order, I was busy assembling.  In the end, we had a completed chain, and Jeremiah and Rachel remained clueless.  When Caleb tore the first link off the chain before bed, possibly, they began to understand.  The countdown is officially on :-)

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