Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Lights Under Louisville

After Rachel's dance class, we met Daddy and drove to enjoy some fine Ethiopian cuisine.  Thanks to a Restaurant.com deal I nabbed earlier, we had a $25 gift certificate to Louisville's Queen of Sheba.  Of course, a family of 5 and $25 aren't equivalent, but it's always nice to save a little off the total bill.

All the kiddos are fans of the appetizer sambussa.  Jeremiah and Rachel prefer their with lentils, and Caleb and I opt for the chicken variety.  Daddy goes for the coffee.  Jeremiah devoured the injera...  it's obvious that this taste of home truly brings him joy.  We must be more diligent in taking him out for this treat!

When our bellies could hold no more, we loaded up and drove to Louisville's Mega Cavern.  Honestly, until a few years ago, I really didn't know this place even existed.  Then, I learned it was a man-made cavern originally mined during the 1930's.  The majority of this underground phenomenon resides under the Louisville Zoo.  Just this year, I found out that at Christmas time, it transforms into a spectacular light display coined "Lights Under Louisville."  (In years past, we have always taken Caleb to "Southern Lights" at the KY Horse Park.  However, in keeping with my new interest in money saving deals, I managed to score admission to "Lights Under Louisville" for $15 on Groupon.)

The kids loved seeing the lights.  Aside from Christmas lights on houses we drive by, Jeremiah and Rachel had never really experienced Christmas lights.  The shear magnitude and astounding number of lights had them squealing with delight.  Because the temperature in the cavern stays in the upper 50's, we were able to roll our windows down and enjoy the Christmas music playing.  Ok... actually, it was blaring.  I'm surprised that none of us suffered permanent hearing loss when we drove right beside the speakers.
For me, I was most struck by the strong Christian message shared with what I'm guessing to be a predominantly secular audience.  From the very beginning, Christ was the focal point.  The actual entrance to the cavern had the words, "Keep Christ in Christmas" lit above it.  Then, after driving through a series of Frosty, Santa's Workshop, Elves, Candy Canes, Playful Penguins, Reindeer Flying School, etc., we saw a display of Joseph and Mary on a donkey traveling to Bethlehem, angels proclaiming Christ's birth, and the manger scene complete with shepherds and wise men.  There were also praying hands, a dove, the cross, and Remember Christ lit up at various points along the path.  I truly appreciate the fact that Christ was indeed kept in Christmas!

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