Friday, December 3, 2010

Out of the Mouths of Babes

Wednesday afternoon, friends Melissa and McKenzie came over to the house. McKenzie got on the computer and started playing her Webkinz games and teaching my kiddos all about them. They were absolutely enthralled and couldn't wait for Daddy to get home to ask if they could have one too. 

Yesterday, after a quick trip to the grocery to get bread, milk, and a few necessities, Jon also returned with Webkinz in hand.  He asked if I thought they should get them now or wait til Christmas.  Only because I knew they were inexpensive and I really didn't want to hear the kids beg for them for a month, I agreed we should give them to them now.  Actually, if they are a hit, we could get them another one as the perfect gifts to top off their Christmas.   

With Daddy's help, they each set up an account so they could play computer games with them. One of the things you first do is adopt the animals and give them names. Then, you print off the adoption certificate. I thought what a perfect segway or open window to talk adoption with the kiddos.

I asked Jeremiah if he knew the word adopted. I explained how they didn't always have their animals. They used to live at the store and didn't have a family to love them. Now they were with us and we could love them forever. I asked, "Do you know who else is adopted?"  Caleb said, "I'm adopted!"  Admittedly, I wasn't really going for the "spiritual" adoption talk, so I kind of ignored him.

I looked at Jeremiah and reminded him, "You are adopted. Remember you and Rachel haven't always lived here. You used to be in Ethiopia, but now you are here. You will be with us forever and we will always love you!"

Then, my Caleb busts out with... "Mom, I'm adopted too. I haven't always been here. Before I was a baby here, I was in God's hands!"  Wow - talk about blowing me over. Out of the mouths of babes...
God absolutely used my 5 year old son to minister to my heart. 

Yesterday, my dear friend was having lots of tests run and today is meeting with doctors concerning the precious little one she is carrying.  She's been on my mind, and I've been praying so much for her. 
My sweet Caleb spoke what I needed to hear.  No matter the outcome of the tests or what lies ahead, the precious baby is in God's hands. I can't think of a better place to be. I pray that this sweet girl will one day be held by her mother and father as well.  However, until that day, I rest assured she's in very capable hands.

Little kids are often wise beyond their years and give us glimmers of heaven.  Thanks God for blessing me with Caleb!  Although, I must tell you that to my great frustration that same sweet boy acted like a fool at dinner and took over an hour to eat a serving of hamburger helper. Oh well... a 5 year old can only have so many profound moments in one day :-)

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