Saturday, December 18, 2010

Creation Camouflage DNG Review

Admittedly, I'm afraid I won't be able to do this review justice.  My sincere apologies to Amanda B.  With a dance recital, holiday festivities, snow, and ice, even our best intentions and well thought out plans have fallen by the wayside.  Not as much schooling has taken place this past week, as I had planned.  I suppose since the rest of the state had snow days so did the Wells :( 

Through the Download N Go series, week long unit studies are available on topics ranging from continents, countries, and key historical figures to edible treats and exotic animals. There is truly something for every student's interests. The units are cross-curricular as they include history, geography, science, math, literature, art, etc. and each unit has been created with K-4th grade students in mind. The Download N Go's are each busting at the seams and filled to the brim with engaging, entertaining, and educational material. Our family loves the embedded video clips and websites, and you can't beat the incredible graphics included in each study.

Even though my kiddos have just scratched the surface of the Creation Camouflage DNG, I can confidently say, this may just be our most favorite study to date.  My animal junkies are LOVING it!  I'm excited to complete the study with them and eager to head to the library to gather more resources.  Amanda Bennett provides an extensive list of recommended books/websites/etc.  While the DNG truly is a stand alone comprehensive study, the recommendations are bonus and supplement so well!!!!

An overview of the week is as follows:
Day 1: Hiding in Plain Sight
Day 2: Getting to Know the Rain Forest
Day 3: What Is in the Desert?
Day 4: Hiding in the Ocean
Day 5: Cool Things About the Tundra

As you can see from the sample pages below, there are so many activities included in the Creation Camouflage DNG.  There are notebooking pages as well as lapbooking elements.  All of the prep work is provided.  Simply print the pages, grab some crayons and glue, and the kids are all set!
On Day 1, when talking about how and why animals hide, we had our own hide-and-seek game in the house.  Yes, we broke the "no running in the house" rule, but who am I kidding?  Rarely, do the kids ever follow this rule :(  While Jeremiah was hiding under his bed, he found a new critter that wasn't so well camouflaged... the dust bunny!  Fear not, his sweet OCD tendencies couldn't stand for that, so these feisty beasts met their demise when he came at them armed with baby wipes in hand.  There is one spotless floor under my boys' beds.

Our discussion of winter on Day 1 was definitely aided by the blanket of white God gave us this week.  We were really able to talk about what activities could and couldn't transpire as we were truly living it.  We pulled several "snow" books off of our bookshelves to read...  of course, A Snowy Day.

I do believe that the winter weather is here to stay! While you may be hiding out in the comfort of your warm home and snuggly pj's, don't hide from this amazing opportunity to learn about some of God's camouflage creatures.  Check out the DNG store, and purchase the Creation Camouflage DNG for your family's educational pleasure!  I also encourage you to read others reviews of this product.  Just as I do, I know you will glean much from the ingenuity and creativity of these homeschooling parents.

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Annette said...

well written. Wanted me to go out and get it again. :)