Monday, December 20, 2010

Court Is Now In Session!

All rise - Court is now in session.  It's OFFICIAL!!! My cuties names are now legally Jeremiah Cole Ezekeal Wells and Rachel Elena Yemesrach Wells. After our court appearance this afternoon, the readoption is complete. The children no longer hold resident alien status but are now U.S. Citizens.

My one and only court appearance (well, minus future adoptions ) was not exactly what I expected. Needless to say, Franklin County Family Court is not quite like the courtrooms you see on TV. The courtroom was empty aside from our family, our attorney, the GAL, bailiff, court reporter, and judge. Things weren't smooth and polished and moved somewhat awkwardly along. Jon was the one actually sworn in and fielding most questions while I tended to the kids. A couple of times, in response to something the GAL would say, I'd want to reply. However, having not been sworn in, I wasn't sure whether to speak. When the judge would look my way and acknowledge, then I'd chime in. After the fact, I was sworn in and actually answered a few questions and verified Jon's testimony.

Of course, when the judge got to pronouncing their names - Jon and I had to chime in again. Once the case was closed, we posed for photo ops.

It is so nice to have this piece of the adoption puzzle complete. A huge thank you to our attorney and friend, Harold! He spent a lot of time and worked very hard on our behalf... all voluntarily and out of the kindness of his heart. Again, another one of God's blessings to us throughout our adoption process!!!!

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