Monday, November 22, 2010

Thanksgiving Festivities

Still recovering from the go-go-go of the weekend, I'm behind in posting about some of our Thanksgiving festivities.  Here is the re-cap of the many things we've been involved in.  A lot of fun was had, and by looks at my expanding waistline, even more food was consumed!

Nov. 14th - Graefenburg Christian Church Thanksgiving Meal
I neglected to mention this earlier, but our church gathered for our annual Thanksgiving Meal a couple Sundays ago.  The company was wonderful, and as usual, we succumbed to gluttony.  That much food in one place is sinful, but oh so delicious.  I made one of my "potluck" staples - GREEN BEANS.  I didn't bring too many home, and Jeremiah was quite eager to take care of the leftovers. 

Nov. 17th - FIAR Co-op:  Cranberry Thanksgiving
We met with our co-op friends to complete activities relating to the book Cranberry Thanksgiving by Wende and Harry Devlin.  Usually, I have pictures, but since I was leading this session, no pics :(  Too focused on other things.  In fact, the camera didn't even make it out of the house with me.  Instead, I packed out coloring sheets and crayons, a large map, markers and poster board for making a graph, 9 pre-formatted lapbooks, 5 gifts, supplies and paint for turkey creations, 48 mini cranberry orange muffins, and a case of water.  Amazing, the three kiddos were in tow as well.  We had a good time with this story, and it was great to share with the other mommies and children.  Fun for all - educational too :)

Nov. 21st - Community Thanksgiving Service
Our church once again hosted the Community Thanksgiving Service.  It was nice to have members of the Baptist and Methodist join with us for worship and a dessert fellowship. We had a special speaker, and another lady and I provided special music.  I'm not sure how "special" my song was, but I absolutely LOVE the words to Nichole Nordeman's Gratitude.  Give it a listen - it is profound!  

Nov. 22nd - Thanksgiving Activities with friends
Running a little late due to the fact we were still somewhat sleep-deprived, we headed to Miss Gretchen's house to join Rebecca, Libby, Abby, Miss Cara, and Gracie for some Thanksgiving fun.  We read stories, sang songs, painted pumpkin pies, made foam craft turkeys and pilgrims, thumb-painted turkeys, ate pumpkin spice muffins, and decorated cookies.  We even stuck around for lunch so the kiddos could have some play time and the mommies some chat time.  We had such a good time that Christmas plans are already in the works.

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