Monday, November 22, 2010

Harvest of Hope

Our whole family attended the 2010 National Missionary Convention - Harvest of Hope.  This is the first time I have had the privilege of attending such an event, but I'm pretty confident it is foreshadowing of things to come in the Wells' future.  When? Where? How? all to be determined, but God is stirring.  I must admit, while exciting, the feeling is still uncomfortable at times and fears exist.  I'll pray that I am open to wherever God leads our family.  I assume it is still a few years in the future as Jon has more schooling before he reaches nurse practitioner status.  However, I'm learning my time is not God's time, my ways are not His ways, and well... assumptions are just that :)  Seriously, would we really want it any other way???

At the convention, my kiddos had such an incredible time.  They hung out in the preschool department Thursday evening, all day and evening Friday, and Saturday afternoon and evening.  They were the regulars at the "Big House" as they referred to Rupp Arena/Convention Center.  Puppets, crafts, lessons, music, movies, playtime, and snack.  It doesn't get much better than that.  Caring adults + planning + engaging activities = My kids truly experienced children's ministry, and they were enthralled.  Saturday night, when I put Rachel to bed, she asked, "Big House again, Momma?"  "No baby, you are all done at Big House."  With big crocodile tears Rachel whimpered, "But I LOVE IT!"  My thanks to all who had a hand in the preschool programming for the convention!  A huge impact was made on my little ones.

With the kids tucked away in their area, Jon and I heard some great speakers and attended some breakout sessions on clean water, human trafficking and sexploitation, and refugees.  We wandered through the exhibits soaking in the many missions efforts here and abroad.  We spoke with passionate people who reflected God's heart for all people... diverse and wonderful as He created us to be!  I was able to meet several of the CMF people from Jon's internship in Ethiopia.  It was nice to put faces with the names of those he has spoken so highly of. 

Also at this event, the Restoration Revolution was launched.  This is a 10-year collaboration that desires to share Jesus with all peoples in four primary areas. We can close the gap through prayer to the Almighty, Churches, Tools, and Service.  It will be interesting to follow this movement.  We pray it is effective as the harvest is plenty and the workers are few.  Come church - it is time to arise!

The National Missionary Convention was great!  We had family members and church members in attendance.  We saw friends from neighboring churches, college professors, and friends from KCC.  We were exhausted by the close of the weekend but oh so very blessed!

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