Monday, November 15, 2010

Change of Plans

It was one of those days...  Mommy had an agenda, but the kiddos plans didn't jive.  Unfortunately, more often than not, Mommy overrides, but not today.  Instead, I embraced the change of plans my kiddos presented.  Lesson learned - I should really do this more often! 

Caleb brought me a Lego car to build.  It was not as easy as I'm sure it should be due to the fact that I am constructional and spatially challenged.  After I managed the amazing feat, Jeremiah had one in hand.  I should have started with it because it was much easier.  Uh-oh... no Lego car for Rachel better think fast Momma!  I had picked up some clearance craft kits awhile back, so I dug in the stash.  Sand art sounded good to me, so I got Rachel started on her masterpiece.  As always, her solitude was short lived.  The boys invaded, grabbed some glittery sand pens, and went to work painting butterflies and flowers.  At least, they were all working well together!

I had 3 very happy little ones and was honestly I was quite pleased as well.  Yes, I still have a messy living room and laundry to do, but that will always be there.  Legos, sand art, and little smiles will disappear way too soon.

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