Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My Thankful 30

Throughout the month of November, I've noticed that many friends have blogged or Facebooked daily thankful posts.  I was not nearly that organized, but I love the idea of dedicating the entire month rather than just one day to Thanksgiving.  Honestly, I hope that each day I express my gratitude for the many blessings and abundance God has given me, but I fear I fall very short in doing so.

As November will soon give way to December, I wanted to create my own "Thankful for 30."  Soon Christmas will be the focus, but I'd be remissed if I neglected to give thanks!  As I'm sure we could all say, this list could go much, much longer!!!
  1. Sacrifice - God sent his only Son to die for me!
  2. Salvation - knowing my eternity is in Heaven.
  3. Unconditonal love from my Father above
  4. Forgiveness
  5. Jon - my husband who loves me as Christ loves the Church
  6. Caleb - my precious son! 
  7. Jeremiah - my cutie!
  8. Rachel - my princess!
  9. The miracle of adoption
  10. My parents who taught me about Jesus, love, and support me.
  11. My siblings - love you Brother and Sister :)
  12. My grandparents, Papa and Mama Spaulding, who taught me what it means to serve God
  13. My extended family
  14. Jane - my very best friend
  15. Friends - both lifelong and for seasons
  16. Prayer Warriors and Mentors in the faith
  17. The Church - believers everywhere
  18. America and the freedoms we have
  19. Ethiopia - where a part of my heart will always be
  20. Health
  21. Clean Water
  22. Food
  23. Shelter
  24. Clothing
  25. Access to medical care
  26. Technology - allowing for communication and relationships with others worldwide
  27. Music
  28. My adoption support group
  29. My Passion - to enter the fields of the fatherless and be a voice for those who have none 
  30. Having ALL my "needs" met and more "wants" than I should

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