Friday, November 5, 2010

Meeting Malachi

The kiddos were thrilled to crash Uncle Matthew and Aunt Megan's house with a food delivery.  They were very excited to meet their new cousin.  The three of them played shy at first, but they were happy when Uncle Matthew said they could hold Malachi - with Mommy's help of course.  (Mommy was happy too - it's been a long time sense I've had an itty, bitty one!)

Jeremiah was more interested in the tv than Malachi, but Caleb was happy to hold him.  He kept saying, "He's so cute!"  Rachel grinned from ear to ear.  Later, on the way home, she said, "I tell Jane I hold baby Malachi.  Malachi soft."  Although, Malachi sounded more like "Milky" at first.  Now, it has morphed to Malky.  Surely by the time the kid is one, she'll have Malachi down.

So glad to see my newest nephew...  praying Megan is on the mend and feeling better, and by the looks of it, my brother needs more sleep.  Again, our family is truly blessed.

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