Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tennessee Travelers

Last April, Jon began working at the hospital, so we skipped our annual September beach trip.  In fact, with the exception of one quick over-nighter, we have been homebodies adjusting to this new schedule, life, etc.  Well, September still seems far off, and we were itchin' to go somewhere - ANYWHERE.  Jon started a new schedule working four 10 hour shifts each week in the OR.  Thus, he ended up with a Friday off and the following Monday.  So... the Hillbillies loaded up and headed to Tennessee!

Actually, it seems we got out of town just in time.  Shortly, after we passed through, a sink hole opened up on I-75.  Traffic was at a stand-still - some for 3 & 4 hours.  Then, the interstate was shut-down and cars rerouted.  Thankfully, we avoided all of that mess.

Since for some reason, Jon and I have never gone on a trip or vacation anywhere without stopping at Walmart, that was the first thing we did.  Loaded up on breakfast goodies and snacks, we headed for our cabin.  The Hillbilly Deluxe was very nice!

After dropping off our things, back out for supper at Fuddrucker's.  The kiddos were quite excited with their balloon animals.  I found it odd that some college kid was roaming from table to table impressing all ankle-biters with his mad balloon blowing/constructing skills.  I trotted off to dress my burger with all the fixin's and returned to see hubby dearest slide the guy a sizable tip.  Raised eyebrow and confused face on my part, then Jon told me the guys shared with him that he was fundraising to be a missionary.  Loved the smile on the guy's face as he left our table, and love my hubby's generous heart even more.

Caleb's tiger, Jeremiah's dinosaur, & Rachel's red alligator - she wanted red???

Bellies full, we headed back to the cabin to partake in some hot tub fun!  Showered and ready for bed, we tucked the kiddos in downstairs.  It was the perfect set-up.  The boys shared a King size bed and Rachel sleep on the futon.  Downstairs, they also had a pool table, air hockey table, and tv to entertain them, so they were living it up.  I'm glad though that they zonked out quickly, so they were rested for our next busy sight-seeing day!

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