Saturday, March 3, 2012

58 (or 11) sure is GREAT!

Happy Birthday Padre!!!

The whole fam invaded my parents home to celebrate Dad's 58th birthday.  We shared stories, pictures, laughs, food, and a wonderful time together.  Party decorations, cheese sticks, hard-boiled eggs for Jeremiah (ick!), pizza, cake, and ice cream made the afternoon complete. 

My kiddos and their sweet cousin, Malachi, all adore Papaw.  I mean who wouldn't when he comes up with such great games?  I do believe the ride on Auntie Val's old Kindergarten mat might even rival Dad's infamous "Trot Little Horsey." 

Now, we have heard reports and have even seen a confirmed picture of Dad's dancing in Guatemala, but he failed to "bust-a-move" "cut-a-rug" or shimmy even a smidgen at his own festivities.  Oh well... guess what happens in Guatemala stays in Guatemala?!  Well, there was that one time he danced with a broom...  remember that siblings?

When asked how old Dad was, Jeremiah guessed 11.  We decided to go with that, so there were 11 candles on the cake.  He huffed and he puffed and blew the collective flame out. 

By the way - total shout out for my Dad!  I'm very proud of him, his involvement and heart for missions, his willingness to serve God at home and abroad, and his example to others!  God has blessed me with a great Dad...  yeah, my Dad is way cooler than your Dad :0)  Happy Birthday Padre - I love you!

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