Monday, March 5, 2012

Appreciation Noted

My quest to note One Thousand Gifts (and beyond) continues.  Gratitude and appreciation continually increase.  This is so much more than a to-do task or mission completed.  It is a lifestyle - one I long to live and pass on to my children.  Thanksgiving for God's great gifts!  I am so very blessed!

167.  a family hike
168.  a small hand holding mine
169.  Salato Wildlife Education Center
170.  windshield wipers
171.  Mary (better known as Grandma) always willing to keep the kids
172.  LifeWay Bookstore
173.  three happy kids at McDonald's playland
174.  my kids excited waves to & from Ms. Dotty driving by
175.  table talk with the ladies at Bible Study
176.  an answered prayer for a friend
177.  my hubby's hard work, good attitude, and skill recognized by his supervisors
178.  an enjoyable art class for the kiddos
179.  a surprise
180.  possibilities
181.  homemade pretzels (at Gretchen's home, of course!)
182.  having a basement
183.  Lex18 Weather Team storm coverage
184.  God's protection through the storms
185.  my Dad's birthday celebration
186.  hugs from my MaMa Spaulding
187.  Caleb's excitement from a lost tooth
188.  an impressive, play-worthy snow after we thought this winter would have none
189.  my sweet angels making snow angels
190.  beautiful, snow-covered trees glistening in the sun

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Kerri S said...

Hi, your list, especially 184...not just weather related storms, but emotional ones as well! God is good!!