Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Seeing Some Sea Life

Look at these cuties!!! They are posing before we head out the door for a fun-filled day in Gatlinburg, TN.  On our agenda, first, Ripley's Aquarium.  To make the day even better, our friends were able to get away and join us for the day.  We all LOVE Mark and Jane... and who can resist Baby Myles?!  That's what the kiddos call him, but sometimes they slip and say Malachi.  These are the only two little guys they are really around, so the two "M" names become interchangeable.  We're working on it though :-)
Wow - they first spotted a shark!

A rare full family photo...
See, we must always travel with friends for me to venture out from behind the camera!

This guy looks hungry!
Daddy & the kiddos touching the horseshoe crabs... Jeremiah declined.
I love this pic... look close and you see his reflection in the glass.  The wonder!

 Ahoy Maties!
A True Treasure!

My Adventurer!

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