Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Shrimp, Space, and Believe It, or Not!

After an exciting aquarium visit, it was time to refuel.  We huffed it on foot to one of Daddy's all-time faves - Bubba Gump's.  Daddy dined on "Garbage"... aka - a bucket o' seafood.  Caleb and Rachel braved the shrimp.  Jeremiah ate pizza, and I enjoyed my hamburger despite great ridicule from our waiter.  Sorry dude - I don't do seafood!

Following lunch, we crossed the street to go up the space needle.  Jeremiah was so funny.  He cackled the whole way up as we all peered out the glass elevator.  When we reached the top, he was confident he could see our home.  Nope buddy - KY is a long way off.  Ok... then he could see our cabin.  Well, not really!  To say they were impressed by being high up was an understatement.

Finally, we visited Ripley's Believe it, Or Not! Odditorium.  Sorry... no pics.  We were a little less than impressed and the kiddos were getting really tired.  So... I'd say it was definitely an OR NOT attraction.  There was some weird stuff though.  Yeah... you should have heard me dancing around an explanation of what a medieval chastity belt was.  Yikes!

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