Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Homeschool Library Builder (TOS Review)

Being a 2011-2012 member of the TOS Homeschool Crew, I've been blessed to review some amazing products and be exposed to curriculum, software, and websites I might not otherwise ever have encountered.  It has been a dream come true for the bibliophile that I am... can anyone relate?  Books, books, books - do they excite you?  If so, you're going to want to take note of this website!


Homeschool Library Builder is a Christian, family-operated business that seeks to provide quality literature at affordable prices.  Is this tickling any frugal ears as it did mine?  I know I want my children to delve deep in rich, living books, but I must also be cost-conscious.  I love that this can be a go-to website for my family, and I won't bust the budget.

When visiting Homeschool Library Builder, you are able to search either by curricula, subject, age, and geography.  I, especially, like the search by curricula option.  I utilized this feature to look for books to be used as we continue our Five In A Row series.  Other curriculum choices include:  Tapestry of Grace, Sonlight, Ambleside Online, and Beautiful Feet. 

There is also a wide selection of Vintage & Hard to Find Books.  An adopting Mom in our support group was in search of an out of print book, First Thousand Words in Russian.  I pointed her towards Homeschool Library Builder, and she was able to find and order exactly what she needed. 

While on the website, I signed up for the free newsletter.  It includes access to a free e-book, encouraging articles, and monthly activities to do enjoy with your children.  A FREE Membership is also available.  When joining, you are guaranteed prior notification of all the great sales.  You are also able to earn book points that accumulate and equal discounts.

For the month of May, ALL items at Homeschool Library Builder are 25% off!  Definitely, be sure to visit the website.  Also, read what other TOS Crew Members are saying

Disclosure:  I did not receive any compensation or product for this review.


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