Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Homeschool Mother's Journal - Gooey & Ornery

The Homeschool Mother's Journal In my life this week…

It has been such an interesting week.  All together, things seem to have been just a little off.  Jeremiah's been a bit moody, Caleb has been sick, and for lack of better words, Rachel has been ornery.  She has gotten in trouble for the silliest things ever! 

First, the child who is deathly afraid of the cat the minute the sun goes down and it is dark has no problem at all harassing him by daylight.  Her measure of torture of choice - clothespins?!?!  Then, she tried to lie about putting them on him.  Yes, Rachel had to spend some quiet time in her bed for lying about clothespinning the cat. 

Then, the boys started complaining about her.  I asked what she was doing and learned that she was trying to sniff their rear ends.  Uh-huh, you got it right.  She got in trouble for being a butt-sniffer.  I'm so proud :(

Thursday night was a normal bedtime, but Caleb was out of his bed at a quarter til midnight.  He, then, wailed until 2 a.m. in great pain with his ear.  No warning or symptoms, but he was very obvious in the most pain I've ever seen him in.  Finally, I got him to calm down and head to bed.  That lasted a half hour and then we were back up.  Ear drops, heating pad, Tylenol, Motrin... we ran the gamut.  Finally, he had some decent sleep from about 6 a.m.- 8 a.m. 

Friday, we went to the Dr. at 10:50 a.m. to confirm that he had one nasty, bulging, fluid-filled left ear and an inflamed right ear.  Unfortunately, his ear drum ended up bursting before the first dose of antibiotics made it in his system.  It has been draining all kinds of ooey-gooey-icky-utterly disgusting-nastiness ever since.  YUCK!!!!  Thankfully, with the pressure alleviated, he's feeling MUCH better!

Saturday - we visited my family and left Jon to do some homework in peace and quiet.  I got to visit with my MaMa Spaulding for a couple hours while Mamaw & Papaw entertained the little ones.  Bonus - my Mom sewed a button on my pants for me (yes, I am 100% inept when it comes to domicile tasks!) and fed us all supper!

In our homeschool this week…
  • Monday - I took Rachel to her last gymnastics class this session.
  • Tuesday - She went to speech therapy. The boys take their math with them and are able to knock out 2 or 3 lessons while we wait. This works so well because it keeps them calm and out of trouble and maximizes our time.
  • Wednesday - we met with our Five In A Row co-op to complete activities for Mirette on the High Wire.  The kids did some map activities, learned about their inner ear, created compound words, and tested their balance walking on a "low" wire.
  • Thursday - We attended our last CHIL activity day.  It was a little weird and somewhat awkward.  However, I had a couple extra kids in tow and was filling in for my friend in a couple classes because she was with her husband in ICU.  Being extra busy helped me to pass the time and avoid having to talk about our decision to leave CHIL and join the new homeschool group.  I know a lot of people don't understand and probably don't agree.  However, I'm absolutely at peace and truly believe that I'm doing what is best for my family.  Surprisingly, the kids did great.  I thought goodbyes might be hard, but for the most part, they treated it like any other CHIL day.
  • Friday - no school took place per doctors orders!  This sleepy Momma didn't complain :-)
Places we’re going and people we’re seeing…
  • Monday - our new Life Group is having our first official get together.  Unfortunately, Jon is on call, so the kids and I are on our own.
  • Tuesday - Caleb has a follow-up Dr. apt. and Rachel has speech as usual.
  • Thursday - Thanksgiving lunch at my parents house with several extended family members.
  • Then, a relaxing, unplanned weekend... maybe to shop and to get Christmas decorations up.
Helpful homeschooling tips or advice to share...
  • Don't be afraid to make an unpopular decision if it is what you believe to be the best thing for your family.  Especially after lots or prayer and seeking wise counsel, if you are at peace and honoring God, that's all that matters.  Others don't have to understand or agree.
My favorite thing this week was…
  • Two hours of uninterrupted time to chat with my MaMa Spaulding.  With 3 kids around, that doesn't happen too much.  I enjoyed having her "all" to myself.
Things I’m working on…
  • Christmas lists...  time to get my shopping in gear!!!
I’m reading…
  • Already Gone by Ken Ham
  • One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp
I’m cooking…
  • I'm the dessert gal tomorrow for Life Group.  Hmmm... something easy!
I’m grateful for…
  • access to medical care:  doctors, nurses, hospitals, pharmacies, insurance, etc.  This is a luxury that the majority of the world is unable to utilize.  While it may be frustrating at times, we so often take for granted how blessed we are to have professionals educated and trained to tend to our physical needs.  All thanks to The Great Physician, of course!
I’m praying for…
  • My lil' sis & her hubby... God knows!  He's got plans - Jer. 29:11.

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Victoria said...

I lead a homeschool group and I'm a firm believer that families join the groups that work for them. We've had families leave, and while I'm sorry to see them go, my desire is that homeschool families do what is best for them! Good job on having the courage to do so.

Bursting ear-drums - OUCH! One of my girls' has had that happen twice and my 4 year old son had that happen for the first time this summer. Agony when it's happening and there's nothing you can do! Hope your son feels better soon!