Friday, November 25, 2011

Bright (Not BLACK) Friday!

The idea of be-boppin' from store to store on BLACK FRIDAY would be completely lost on my three little ones.  Quite honestly, if I attempted such with them, I'd be liable to be diagnosed clinically insane.  Thankfully, the day was sunny and bright.  With the November temps surprisingly still in the low 60's, it would have been criminal to stay inside.  So... we decided to take our Black Friday show on the road to the Louisville Zoo.

Before hitting the animal exhibits, we made a stop to grab lunch.  Honestly, I was not pleased that Jon deemed today to be a good day to cash in our gift certificate to Shogun.  Really?  What was he thinking when he got that anyway?  I've had Japanese twice in my life and aside from the chef's tricks the whole experience is lost on me.  So, I was being a grump, and Jon conceded to go to Old Chicago Pizza next door.  A moment of remorse struck, and I assured him that it was ok.  We could go to the Japanese place.  He let the kids decide, and I thought for sure I'd be off the hook.  Ha!!! - My kids are much more adventurous than I, so Japanese won.

The kiddos enjoyed the show.  The chef did several tricks with the eggs, lit things on fire, and even sang and danced.  All were entertained, but Rachel did duck her head under the table every time she saw flames.  As for the food, the kids devoured it!  Caleb originally went with the shrimp, but he found that he liked Daddy's chicken better.  Rachel was all about her shrimp and got some of Daddy's steak too.  Jeremiah stuck to his veggies, but I was pleased with my steak.  Overall, it was the best Japanese dining experience I've had.  Will it ever be my favorite or first choice?  No, but at least, I won't have to dread it or be such a grump if anyone suggests we try it again.

 Sprite & Pink Lemonade always taste better with fun umbrellas & cherries!

 Caleb - braver than I - ate his salad with the "house" dressing!  Me - no dressing, as usual :)

 Our chef... he liked to "move it - move it!"

Huge plates of food, but notice how empty they are becoming!

Following our cultural lunch experience, we headed to the zoo.  As always, we enjoyed seeing the animals, being outdoors, and being together as a family.  Our Bright & Sunny Friday beats a Black Friday any day :)

Seriously... must we take this same pic every time we go?  To them, it never gets old. 
Oh well... I have 3 super cuties, so it works for me.

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