Thursday, May 30, 2013

Paperless Organization (Review & Discount Code)

Know something that makes me just a wee bit giddy?  A brand new planner and an arsenal of rainbow gel pens :-)  There is something that excites me about color-coding each member of my family and neatly jotting down their activities in the calendar squares.  Honestly, it pains me just a tad to bust out the white-out for the first time if I get off a square in the grid or the details of an event change.  (Yep - self-admitted GEEK!)

While I love the feel of the pretty paper between my fingers, it really isn't practical to lug the big, bulky thing around.  Since it operates as my brain, it is inconvenient when I leave it behind.  Thankfully, Simplified Pantry has come to my rescue and pushed me out of my comfort zone.  Mystie Winckler has introduced Paperless Home Organization.

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Paperless Home Organization brings home management into the digital age.  In our home, I have access to a desktop, laptop, Kindle Fire, and my iPhone (extra appendage).  While I use all of these devices, I haven't been taking advantage of them and allowing them to work for me.  Thanks to Mystie's guidance, I'm now employing these gadgets to make my life simpler.
No doubt about it... I'm cheap, so the price tag of Paperless Home Organization is right up my alley.  It can be purchased for only $3.99 in PDF or Kindle format.  (Download a free sample.)  Even better, the whole premise of the ebook is teaching the reader how to get organized using only free, web-based applications that sync with free apps.  Did you catch that?  Free - no other investment!!!Both Apple and Android users alike can get excited about that!  
Mystie begins the book by discussing what organization is and is not and moves directly into the benefits of paperless organization.  She then thoroughly presents Gmail, Google Calendar, Remember the Milk, and Evernote.  I appreciated the step by step instructions for setting up accounts, and I found the screen shots extremely helpful.  In the book's conclusion, Mystie offers sage advice on how to maintain all the systems through daily and weekly reviews.
Of the apps that Mystie presents, I already used Gmail daily and loosely maintained a Google Calendar.  Paperless Home Organization did teach me a few tricks I was unaware of in Gmail and impressed upon me the great benefits of better utilizing the Google calendar.  Jon and I can sync our calendars, so rather than waiting till we are both home to consult my "master" paper calendar, we can make scheduling decisions while out and about.  Remember the Milk was an app brand new to me, but basically, it serves as an online to-do list. 
Evernote was definitely the jewel I found in this book.  I had heard of the app and knew others who used it, but I had never explored it myself.  Basically, it is the replacement for all of my notebooks, record keeping, files, etc.  It is a storehouse for information, and even better... it is searchable!  Forget a wasted morning flipping pages of paperwork.  When I'm looking for something, a simple keyword search is all I need.  Housekeeping, homemaking, homeschooling, and blogging can all be managed in this one place!

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I have found Paperless Home Organization to be very helpful.  I'm still processing all the information and familiarizing myself with all of the apps.  I know it will take time to increase my comfort level and improve functionality, but I am well on my way.  If you are interested in purchasing the product, you will be excited to know that Simplified Pantry is offering my readers a fantastic discount code.

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