Wednesday, May 1, 2013

250 Words

This month I have decided to join Jenni at Story of My Life for her Blog Every Day in May challenge. Today's topic is "the story of your life in 250 words or less" (in my case a smidgen more).  Apologies for my poor writing/punctuation now.  The constraints were hard for this "wordy" gal!


I was born April 13, 1979, in Ohio, but I don't consider myself a Buckeye.  Still an infant, my family moved to the land of Kentucky Wildcat Blue!  My days were spent gardening with my great grandmother, visiting the Dairy Dip, making the local news with PaPa, and taking ballet.  A move to Lebanon, KY, a brother, a sister, piano lessons, gifted & talented at Mrs. Lanham's little yellow house, Camp Calvary, got baptized, and had the best neighbors ever- Norma & Fuzzy.  Another move to Stanford for middle & high school.  One year of basketball, school newspaper, plays, and chorus.  Lightly Salted, Servants, youth group, driving, prom, babysitting,  and a first love.  Graduation, waitressing at Shoney's, and then off to Kentucky Christian College.  Fun with friends, a break-up,  D-group, choir trips, Haiti, and singing in VIP.  True love, a forever long engagement, winter wedding, and Hawaii honeymoon.  Lived in Louisville, then moved to Lawrenceburg, began teaching music at Bald Knob Elementary, and Jon preaching at GCC.   We bought our first house in Frankfort, and I taught 6 years in Owenton.  Caleb was born October 10, 2005.  February 15, 2010, was our Meetcha Day for Ethiopian cuties, Jeremiah and Rachel.  I left the classroom to homeschool, volunteer, and speak about adoption/orphan care.  We left GCC,  Jon was nursing fulltime, and we plugged in at Southland. Then, we moved to TN and Jon works in Clinical IT.  December 17, 2012, Eden was born.  What comes next? Waiting on and seeking God's direction...  I'm excited to see!

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