Thursday, November 8, 2012

Sportin' His Specs

Schoolwork had become more and more of a struggle for Jeremiah.  It just seemed to take him FOREVER to finish a math page.  Then, as we were working with flashcards, I noticed he kept inching closer and closer to the card while blinking and squinting.  Jon began seeing the same tactics used as he played video games or watched t.v.  So... off to the eye dr. we went with the assumption lil' man would be getting glasses.  Of course, he was convinced he could see fine and Mom was crazy!

Mom was crazy alright.  Oh wow... Mother of the Year Award I will not be getting anytime soon.  My baby was blind as a bat.  Seriously, the kid couldn't see.  He was seeing outlines and shapes but missing fine details.  All were in awe at the strength of his prescription and that he had never complained before.  I suppose he hasn't known anything different.  Just makes me sad :(

Needless to say, he wasn't thrilled at the idea of wearing glasses for fear that others would laugh, but he was very happy that he got to pick out exactly what he wanted - black and neon green glasses.  A couple hours after his exam and he had his specs.  Thanks to the encouragement of his siblings and lots of positive comments from family and Mommy's Facebook friends he's not as self-conscious about the new accessory for his face. 

No shocker but Math went much smoother and quicker today!!!  He's also been cracking us up with his comments about his new found vision.  He seems to think things are bigger now... including Momma.  (Did he forget I've got a baby in my belly?)  Anyway, my apologies in advance if he discovers anything "new" about any of you when he really "sees" you.  Haha! 

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