Saturday, November 3, 2012


Tomorrow, Sunday, November 4th, internationally, churches will be participating in Orphan Sunday.  The goal is to unite the church to carry out God's mandate to care for the very least of these.  Through foster care, adoption, and global orphan care initiatives, we can all be involved in caring for orphans. 
Is your church participating?  If not, check out the map to locate an event nearby to attend.  Or... consider talking to your church leadership about showing the short video above, holding a special prayer time, or reading Scripture that pertains to the care of and God's heart for orphans.  Possibly, spend some time in your Sunday School or Small Group brainstorming on ways you can collectively advocate for and serve the orphans in your community and globally.  There are many resources available on the Orphan Sunday website.  Whether you are holding an event tomorrow, desire to plan one for the future, or just want to spend some time to personally learn more, take advantage of this wealth of resources.  You'll find numerous videos, Bible studies, sermon outlines, songs, facts, materials, etc. 
Prayer - Dear God, I thank you for all of the churches participating in Orphan Sunday, the staff and volunteers planning the events, and those that will be in attendance.  Father, I pray that you move mightily among your people.  Stir hearts and hands to action!  Amen.

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