Saturday, November 10, 2012


3 years ago today, we got the first glimpse of our precious kiddos!  On November 10, 2009 - Jeremiah and Rachel became known to us.  Just as we experienced tremendous joy that day, they continue to bring great joy to us each and everyday.  We are so blessed to be a family!!!!

An excerpt I previously wrote about this picture:
We have a 4 ½ year old boy who is so very handsome. He seems so solemn and as someone else said wise beyond his years. His arm is protectively around his darling 3 year old little sister who has the most captivating eyes I’ve ever seen. It was as if she was looking at us inquisitively asking, “Are you going to be my Mommy and Daddy?” We were beyond thrilled to look at their pictures, read their profiles, and medical reports. We knew these were the children God had chosen for us! 

In the adoption process, the referral is one of the most exciting things, and it was no different for us. We know God's hand was involved in every aspect of our adoption, and it is definitely evidenced by the circumstances surrounding our referral. When you have a few minutes, go read all the details of our referral story. You may want a tissue close by. I just re-read it myself and have a few tears trickling. Thank God for our marvelous story - as with all adoptions it is HIS story!

Prayer - Dear God, I pray for all those adoptive families currently waiting for referrals.  In many cases, the timelines are lengthening and the waits getting harder.  Give the parents-to-be peace and comfort in knowing that Your timing is always perfect!  You who know their deepest desires also KNOW and LOVE their beautiful, CHOSEN children.  ~Amen.

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RealtorSD said...

What precious children. Your blog and profile statement are so inspirational!