Wednesday, August 24, 2011

While Mom's Away...

While Mom's away, the kids will play at MAMAW & PAPAW's house.  Oh yes, this is always beyond exciting!  The kids LOVE spending the night.  Because of my early Friday morning departure, I took the kids to my parents Thursday night.  Translation:  BONUS! Two overnight stays for the little ones.

What exciting stuff did they do while I was gone?  Paint, play outside, play cars, trucks, baby dolls, blocks, etc., and watch movies.  As always, taking a bath at Mamaw's is always fun too because she has cool bath toys.  (Yeah... we pretty much just run them through the shower now at home.)  They even discovered a new special treat - graham crackers and left-over cake icing.  When asked if Mommy could figure out how to make these delicacies?  The kids assured Mamaw they could teach me.  When Daddy picked them up, he wondered about that.  Ha!!!  Since Mamaw sent a box of graham crackers and a can of pre-made frosting home, I completed said task with flying colors and tasty treats were enjoyed by all!

The activity to top all others was bike riding!  You should have seen me trying to wedge three bikes in my swagger wagon.  Oh my the mini-van was at maximum capacity between kids, backpacks, stuffed animals, toys, clothes, and 3 BIG KID BIKES.  (Apparently, I'm pretty good at puzzles because Daddy couldn't figure out my strategy, so he rode with a bike in the passenger seat when he brought them home.)  While I was gone, the bike riding skills vastly improved.  Jeremiah is a natural, but Caleb and Rachel made great strides under Mamaw and Papaw's tutelage. 

Thanks Papaw & Mamaw!  The kids had LOTS of fun and are ready to come back :-)  Hee hee... no worries, well, until next month's end.

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