Monday, August 8, 2011

Inside The Creation Museum

Hubs getting home from work last Friday brought about conversations of going somewhere and/or doing something.  Thus, a spontaneous trip was planned and our overnight bags packed.  We loaded the van without revealing our destination to the kiddos. 

When we had arrived, the Creation Museum marked our spot.  Thanks to a coupon I had, the boys got in free and Rachel is still young enough to receive free admission.  Because of our great savings, we opted to purchase planetarium tickets for the whole fam.  Then, we were off to see the sights and were immediately greeted by large robotic dinosaurs.

We found ourselves in the Garden of Eden in the Walk Through Biblical History exhibit.

We also visited the Natural Selection is Not Evolution, Noah's Ark Construction Site, and the Dinosaur Den.  Not a shocker - but the DINOS were a hit with my kiddos.  The creation science, evolution vs. creation, natural selection was definitely over the little ones' heads, but exposure to this truth at any age is never a bad thing! 

While inside we also watched the following theater productions:  Six Days, The Last Adam, Dragons & Dinosaurs, and Men in White.  The last one was in a special effects theater.  Our seats rocked and moved, and we even got sprayed in the face with water a couple of times.  Jeremiah and Rachel were just cackling.  Caleb held his hand over his ears the whole time and greatly disliked the surprises the theater had to offer.

We also enjoyed the Stargazer's Planetarium program.  The kids were pretty impressed with the chairs that laid down and watching TV on the ceiling.  Again, a lot of it was more than they could comprehend, but they liked looking at the stars.


Amanda Pelser said...

How cool! We'd love to go sometime.

Our Peculiar Lives said...

Way too neat! That is on my "Must Go" list. We live so far away from it, but one year, we are going! Glad you had a great experience!