Saturday, August 27, 2011

Going to Kentucky (State Fair that is!)

This week, I chose to teach both my CHIL music classes the singing game "Going to Kentucky."  The lyrics are:
We're going to Kentucky
we're going to the fair
to see the senorita
with flowers in her hair

Oh, shake it baby, shake it,
shake it all you can
shake it like a milkshake
and drink it from a can

Oh, rumble to the bottom
rumble to the top
then turn around and turn around
until you make a STOP!

While we had a super time in class, my kiddos were ecstatic at the actual Kentucky State Fair.  At the invitation of good friends, we enjoyed this first experience together.  Jeremiah asked, "What's a fair?"  Exhausted after a tiring Tuesday, all the kids had quite an answer.  Apparently, it encompasses animals, cute baby ducks, lots of sheep and pigs, dogs doing tricks and catching Frisbees, a dive show, tractors, putt-putt golf, photo ops, coloring a large mural, a robotic dog in a small motorized police car, a TARC bus, fruits, vegetables, cakes, Christmas trees, quilts, a giant inflatable colon complete with polyps (ewww!), health screenings, Abraham Lincoln, the Fair Bear, a magician, Bobaloo, bubbles, stinky socks, drum sticks beating on 5-gallon buckets, icecream, and exorbitantly over-priced but oh-so-fabulous fried fair food.  Yep - that about sums it up!

Thanks Melissa and McKenzie!  We had a terrific day.  The kids are already plotting and planning what they can enter in the fair next year.  McKenzie's prize-winning pumpkin is quite motivating :-)  Although I just learned today that the kiddos Papaw has some fair experience as well... 4-H Coffee Can Canisters and FFA Welding.  Maybe I should put Papaw in charge of next year's projects?  Let's just hold off on the welding for a few years!

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