Monday, August 1, 2011

2011-2012 Curriculum

It's that time again...  all the stores are over-run with frantic parents collecting the specific items on school supply lists.  Crayons, scissors, glue...  Honestly, I look at those items and smile.  That hustle and bustle of back-to-school isn't at issue. 

Not Back to School Blog Hop I'm joining in Heart of the Matter's "Not-So" Back-To-School BlogHop.  Today's topic is curriculum, and that's what has had me bogged down.  My three kiddos are all close in age - within 20 months.  A lot of their learning is done together, but when it comes to reading & math they are at various levels.  The predicament is striking a balance while allowing for each of their individual needs and varied learning styles, not to mention making sure there is enough of Momma to go around.  They are still young enough that they are limited as to how much work they are able to complete independently, so I'm pretty hands-on.

The list below reflects what I have planned to start the year.  Nothing is set in stone.  If changes are necessary, they will be made.  I'm sure I'll add to (great products I review as part of the TOS Crew) and take away from this list, and that too makes me smile.  Oh how I LOVE the luxury of wiggle room!

1st Grade
Horizons Math 1 (J is still finishing K Math - Book 2)
A Reason for Handwriting A
A Reason for Spelling A
Explode the Code 1, 2, 3 (C has already completed 1, so he should get to 4 this year.)
BOB Books, I Can Read 1-4, Ready2Read, You Can Read, leveled readers, etc.

Letter of the Week and K4 Curriculum
Horizons Math K
A Reason for Handwriting K
Get Ready, Get Set, & Go for the Code

Bible - The Beginner's Bible, Character Study, and Scripture Memory
     ~Read various AiG books, MasterBooks, etc.

Geography/History/Science - Galloping the Globe
     ~Including the following supplemental materials:
     *Considering God's Creation - science lessons
     *Marvels of Creation - animal book series
     *Animal lapbooks
     *Beginning Geography (Evan Moor)
     *Missionary Stories with the Millers
     *Around the World in 100 Years - explorer studies
     *Literature/History Read-alouds from each country

Amanda Bennett Download N Go's


Galloping the Globe
     *meet every two weeks with 2 other families
     *culminating activities for each country studied
     *planning 2 years to complete this curriculum

Five In A Row
     *completing Vol. 1 from last year, then beginning Vol. 2
     *multiple families meeting twice a month
     *culminating group activities for each book we "row"

     *meets every Thursday afternoon
     *1st period:  History for Little Pilgrims
     *2nd period:  Human Body Systems
     *3rd period:  Music/Gym

Winnie-the-Pooh Book Club
     *meets 4 times throughout the year
     *activities & discussion of the A.A. Milne Classic Pooh books



fixedonHIM said...

Galloping the Globe sounds like lots of fun.

Blessings for a great year of learning!

Melissa said...

ahhhh BOB books - I absolutely adored those :)