Wednesday, August 3, 2011

When Cousins Come To Play

 You play on the top bunk. It's soooo cool... especially if there aren't bunkbeds at your house!

 You play Just Dance Kids on the Wii when it's raining outside.

Paint lots of pictures.

Enjoy fine dining:  mini corndogs, mini chicken/cheese sandwiches, fruit cocktail, apples,
string cheese, fruit chillers, and yogurt.  A lil' something to make everyone happy!

Create foam farm crafts.  Rachel is all smiles about it!

Play in the sprinklers - except Josh who wasn't so sure about it.

Go Swimming - I mean splashing!

My two handsome fellas!

Allison is a mini-me of her Momma!

Hair is wet, so you can't see his blond curls - Josh is a cutie!

Tired from swimming, best to veg and watch some tv.

A fun day with family!


Beth said...

So precious! Thanks for loving on my babes, Ang! You're the best aunt (their only! Lol!) ever! :-)

Melissa said...

That looks like such a fun day!