Saturday, April 30, 2011

A String of Events Begins

The next few weeks are going to have the Wells family hopping.  At least, we'll be racking up a lot of drive-time miles going from one adoption/orphan care event to another.  Things could get a bit hectic in the coming weeks, but we'd be hardpressed to find things we're more passionate about or believe to be more important.

Today, we had the opportunity to attend an America World "Adopted By Design" seminar as a speaking family.  It was great to partner again with KY Associates, Zack & Rebecca Caldwell, and this time in my home church.  It's changed and grown a lot since my highschool days, but I love that IHCC is supportive of adoption.  We were able to share our personal adoption story and give God all the glory, honor, and credit due.  As a special bonus, a dear friend from high school was surprisingly in attendance.  It was great to see her again and get-together plans for the future have been added to the calendar. 

We have participated in AWAA seminars so many times, but we truly enjoy sharing the adoption story God wrote for us.  Probably even more appealing to attendees though is seeing our kiddos.  The cuties can turn on the charm no doubt, but we definitely desire for others to see the beauty of adoption.  We believe our close-knit, God-ordained, and God-sustained family illustrates it quite well.  Pair that with knowledgeable associates, a great video, program overviews, the Steven Curtis Chapman family adoption story, and "When Love Takes You In" video...  wow - always an incredible experience.  Be sure and check the AWAA website to find a FREE America World "Adopted By Design" seminar in your area.
  • Saturday, May 7th - America World KY Board of Directors Meeting.  Our quarterly meetings are always informative and full of brainstorming and great ideas.  It's a privilege to serve alongside couples and individuals dedicated to AWAA's growth and presence in KY and most importantly committed to God's growing of forever families through adoption.
  • Tuesday, May 10th - I have a Light Will Rise planning meeting. 
  • Wednesday, May 11th - The Free To Live Tour comes to Louisville, Kentucky.  Tom Davis, Meredith Andrews, The Desperation Band... this promises to be fantastic.  It will also be difficult as human sex trafficking will be the topic.  It is saddening and sickening, but it is real.  The church is called to act.  Now is the time to ARISE!
  • Thursday & Friday, May 12th & 13th - SUMMIT VII sponsored by The Christian Alliance for Orphans will be at Southeast Christian Church in Louisville, KY.  I can't even tell you how much I'm looking forward to the speakers, break-out sessions, networking opportunities, meeting new people, and reconnecting with adoption pals.  It promises to be memorable and quite possibly life-changing.  Praying that God works mightily among all those in attendance!
  • Friday, May 13th - AWAA dinner @ Mimi's Cafe.  I'm so looking forward to having this dinner hour to meet America World Corporate Staff - some for the very first time.  Also, time with AWAA families both at home with kiddos and in process from KY and all over the U.S.  This really will be a delicious treat
  • Saturday, May 14th - America World "Adopted By Design" seminar at Fern Creek Christian Church in Louisville, KY from 10 a.m. - 12 p.m.  Kentucky and Indiana families this would be the perfect seminar to attend.  It's FREE - Register & Join Us!
  • Saturday, May 21st - Light Will Rise Launch Event - a Meet & Greet Potluck @ Shilito Park in Lexington, KY.  I'm really excited to find community with local Ethiopian adoptive families.  At home with kiddos or in process, this is great, very relaxed, informal event.  The little cuties can play and the Mommas & Daddies can get to know and support one another.
Yes, there is a lot on our adoption/orphan care ministry plate, but as a family, we are commited to being a VOICE for those who have NONE.  God has blessed us tremendously... how could we ever be silent?  We will expend ourselves making known the plight of the orphan and pray fervently that others will be called and moved to act.

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Glad we will be "hopping" through a lot of these activities together, I love that we share a common passion for adoption & orphan care! :) See you tomorrow!