Saturday, April 23, 2011

Inflatable Train, Drenched Kiddos, Egg Dump - It's EASTER!

A conglomeration of Spaulding's, Nave's, Julian's, and Bollinger's gathered at my Aunt Becky's house for Easter. Quite honestly, others may have been represented - there were LOTS of people there. It was so funny... Caleb kept asking if so-and-so was his cousin or not. Hard for the little ones to distinguish who belonged to them, but they had fun playing with everyone!

Weather-speaking, it truly was a soggy, rotten, yucky day. However, you would have never known judging by the huge smiles, roaring laughter, shrieks, and squeals of excitement coming from the inflatable train bouncy/slide. It was the wet from head-to-toe kiddos that evidenced the relentless rain. Water-logged, drenched, wringing wet - none of these adequately describe the situation. Caleb and Jeremiah were quite proud of their soaked state. Rachel had a little more sense... after a short stint in the bouncy, she chose to blow bubbles, ride the rocking horse, and play ball. Thankfully, cousin Isaac, isn't much bigger than my boys, so we were able to borrow some clothes sparing them the unfortunate pleasure of eating Easter lunch in wet jeans.

Once bellies were sufficiently stuffed, the next item on the agenda: The Easter Egg Hunt Dump!  The rain showed no sign of stopping, so we improvised.  All the eggs were dumped in the floor, and the kids gathered round.  Various questions regarding favorite color eggs, mom's fave, certain numbers, etc. were asked and the kids could retrieve the correct answer/number of eggs from the pile.  It worked out just fine, and from the kids 3 buckets, it appeared as if we brought home an entire candy store.

 My sweet little nephew, Malachi didn't participate in the Easter Egg Dump.  He was content to sit on the floor and play with a new toy from Mamaw.  However, Uncle Jon and Aunt Becky tried to help lil' man get a sweet treat by letting him play in the Easter Egg Cake.  Oh boy - he LOVED the feel of the icing on his fingers, but he never once tried to put them in his mouth.  I was all for assisting him, but I got shot down.  Assuming I want Malachi to get to visit his Aunt Ang in the future, I refrained from continuing on that path.  Instead I joined Papaw and snapped pics - then assisted with clean-up.

We had such a good time despite the rain.  It's great to be with family.  Even better, what a joy to celebrate Our Risen Savior!  I LOVE EASTER!

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