Thursday, April 21, 2011

Hearts at Home - MIRACLES?

Welcome to the Third Thursday Blog Hop. I'm joining other Hearts at Home bloggers this month to answer the question: Have you experienced any miracles in your life? By God's great design, provision, and amazing love, I can undoubtedly respond with a loud, resounding "YES!!!!"

My three little ones are my miracles. The Wells family has been built through the miracle of birth and the miracle of adoption. Both equally mind-boggling and heart-filling! October 10, 2005, in the wee hours of the morning, I found myself in a Labor&Delivery room awaiting the birth of my first child. While I was certain Caleb was ready to make his entrance, the nursing staff was not certain that I'd be sticking around. While having contractions, yes, my body still did not appear to be in the same mindset as my baby. I figured they might have me walk the halls before booting me out of the joint - I mean, that's what you see on tv, right? 

A little time passed, and instead, a nurse brough me too itty, bitty apple juice boxes, told me to drink them, and not to get up. Hmmm... have these lovely nurses not read the script? Oh, and had I failed to mention to them that I detest juice of all varieties. Encouraged by my hubby to be the model patient, I obeyed and sipped on the juice boxes - now very thankful for their size! Contractions increase, finally, I get the good drugs, not long after my water breaks and I get the epidural.  I go from 2cm to 8cm dilation lightning fast.  Then I was told to fight the urges to push.

Not long after, the charge nurse said that if the dr. didn't arrive in 5 minutes something had to be done.  Unbeknownst to me, there was some reason for concern.  A doctor I was unfamiliar with made his grand arrival and made haste.  I literally pushed 4 times and with a lot of help Caleb entered this world.  The umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck 3 times and under his arm, and his color resembled Barney the dinosaur.  I remember asking if he was ok since the doctor seemed to be in no hurry to remove the cord so he could breathe.  Finally, I heard that cry and knew all is well.  I had a beautiful, perfect 7lb. 5 oz. baby boy.  Later, I learned that there was a sense of urgency because every time I contracted his oxygen supply was being cut off and his heartbeat would drop.  Thank you God for my miracle boy #1.

As it was time to grow our family again, God fulfilled lifelong dreams and callings for Jon and I through the miracle of adoption.  December 15, 2008, we officially began our Ethiopian adoption journey with America World.  Through mounds of paperwork, homestudy visits, fingerprints, highs and lows, we waited.  We waited for the day to see our children's faces...  November 10, 2009 was that day!  The children that I already loved beyond measure, that I longed to hold in my arms, that I would die for were finally revealed to me.  Ermias and Yemesrach Ezekeal - oh... God's very miracles!  Born from another's womb, but deeply seated for all eternity in my heart. 

February 15, 2010 - a mere 14 months after our application - I met my miracle babies for the first time!  Wow... God had never been more real to me than in that moment.  His amazing love for me was affirmed and clearer than every before.  Nothing I could ever do would make him love me more or less - I am HIS adopted child.  I am a rightful heir of the Most High God.  Really... does it get any more miraculous?

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Trish D said...

What amazing stories - thanks for sharing!