Thursday, April 25, 2013

Van-schooling... inadvertently

Long ago, I learned that doctor office visits rarely transpire on time.  If your appointment is at 9 a.m., then bank on being escorted to the examination room at 9:30 a.m.  Then, prepare to wait in said room until 10 a.m. for the doctor to make a grand appearance.  With this knowledge, it is imperative to have a plan to occupy the children.  During the summer months or holiday breaks, I don't mind the kids packing their handheld games.  However, a school day warrants schoolwork.  I'd be silly not to make use of this time, right?

Eden had her 4 month well check yesterday morning.  We headed out in a monsoon... the kids armed with umbrellas, clipboards, pencils, and crayons.  Shockingly, we waited mere minutes before being called back.  Even still, the kids were able to knock out handwriting and some of their math.  We learned what we were already aware of - Eden's doing perfectly well.  She continues to track on her 90-95% curve in height and weight at 26.5 inches and 16 lbs. 4 ozs.  Baby girl was all happy smiles until shot time, and then she expressed her dislike. 

After calming the lil' one and having the big ones pack up, we made our way out to find the rain still pouring and a storm brewing.  As we pulled out of the parking lot onto the road, my windshield wipers froze.  Obviously, visibility was low, but I was able to circle around and pull into the parking lot of the hospital.  Unfortunately, there was no reviving the wipers, and we were stranded.

So what's a family to do? Van-school, of course.  I'd love to say I'm super awesome-sauce to be this prepared all the time, but it was a total fluke.  However, I was quite thankful the kids had their math to help pass the time.  Also, by accident, a book had been left in the van, so we had plenty to keep us occupied during our hour and a half stand still. 

We finally caught a break in the rain and thankfully made it home safe and sound, but my mind was focused on van-schooling.  Do you school in your vehicle?  On a regular basis or only in have-to situations? If you were in our place, what would you have done to pass the time?  Anything educational?  When going on a trip, we plan ahead with games, books, audio books, etc.  However, this little incident has impressed upon me the idea to always have something readily available in the van.  Yes, guess which book still didn't get brought inside :-) 


Angie Schott said...

I've never thought to take school with us to the doctor, for some reason. Brilliance! Now I'm thinking of so many other times we could do school in the car or out and about. I may just have to make a "school tote" for the car to keep books and educational items in. :)

Beth Starr said...

I have the kids take school work with them since it usually only one going to the doctor. Some of my kids can't do much in the car since they suffer with carsickness when reading.

I'm a big proponent of audio books on trips, but our van only has a tape deck in it so we can't do it. One day we will have a vehicle with cd or and iPod plug in.

Sharon said...

We always have a variety of books in the van. Always. And for doctor's appts and such, I always make sure they bring something along.