Monday, April 8, 2013

Lego KidsFest!

Legos.... I have a love/hate relationship with these plastic pieces.  I love that they entertain my kiddos for hours upon hours.  Legos not only spark their creativity, but the toys give them great practice in following instructions, improve visual/spatial awareness, provide tactile stimulus, and allow them to plan and problem solve.  Who knew the power of this plastic???  On the other hand, I hate the feel of the pointy edges on my bare feet, how the little circle pieces get buried in the carpet only to be found by the vacuum, the constant storage/display dilemma, and the tears that are sure to follow when hours of hard work are eradicated when the structure takes a fatal fall from a little hand.  Love/Hate!

Neither Jon or I really recall being that into Legos as children, but in this case, our 3 are our polar opposites.  They have recently discovered that such a magical place as LegoLand exists.  Being that there is no foreseeable trip in our future, we decided to surprise our kiddos with the next best thing.  Lego Kidsfest came to our old stomping ground last weekend, so another trip to KY was planned under the guise of celebrating the birthdays of Uncle Lee, Grandpa, and me.  Then, Sunday after church we rolled up to the Louisville Fair & Expo Center for the grand reveal.  Great excitement ensued!

The Fab 4 waiting in line for Lego Kidsfest to begin!

We were able to bypass the duplo section since Eden isn't quite ready for those yet, and we opted not to wait in line for the video game area.  Otherwise, I believe we hit all the other sections.  Chima, Ninjago, Lego City, Lego Art, Friends, Galaxy Squad, etc.  So much fun for my babes!  Then, if all of this wasn't enough, another surprise.  Our new TN friends made the trip up to KY, so the kids got to share the fun with their pals.


Masters of Spinjitsu
Daddy helped out in the Lego Challenge. 

Posing in front of Creation Nation... see the finished product HERE!

"A brown girl LEGO like me!!!"

Blasting aliens with their best bud!

Enjoy a sampling of the pics... There were so many Lego characters to pose with and we didn't miss a photo op, but I won't bore you with EVERY single one.  You are welcome!

Did you catch all those smiles?  I think Momma and Daddy did good with this surprise. They were worn out, and actually didn't even fuss when we decided to leave a little early.  They were hyped up on the trip home though because they were checking out all their free loot... posters, comics, magazines, and a couple small Lego sets.  If Lego KidsFest comes to your area, even this Lego lover/hater recommends you attend.  It's worth it in my book!


Beth Starr said...

This looks like fun. I just looked up the Lego KidsFest and they are having one by us in October. Thanks for sharing!

Wendy62 said...

This looks fun!! Our closest one is 5 hours away; I doubt that will happen. Just don't tell my boys! ;-)

Sharon said...

What a fun time!