Sunday, April 21, 2013

Holy Past Our Bedtime Batman!

Jon has been working some crazy hours as of late and has had more than his fair share on the work plate.  Missing time spent with the munchkins, he concocted a grand plan for some Daddy/Kiddo fun.  Needless to say, it was very well-received.

After dinner Friday night, Jon sent the kids upstairs to grab their pillows as he inflated the air mattress.  I tried to convince them that these were simply preparations for their night spent out on the front lawn, but they didn't seem to buy Mommy's idea.  Instead, they learned that they were going to relax and watch the old school Batman movie with Daddy.  These super-hero nuts were quite excited. 

The movie ended at what should have been bedtime, but rather than putting pj's on, the kids were sent to grab jackets and shoes.  Off they went, and they returned with treats from McDonalds.  The boys opted for hot fudge sundaes, and no surprise, Rachel went for supper #2 - chicken nuggets, apples, and fries. 

With jammies on and teeth brushed, the kids learned Daddy had authorized a double feature that would conclude with an indoor campout in the living room.  Hoorays by all!  There were some pretty groggy children when 11:30 rolled around.  Jon said it was questionable whether they all made it through the last movie, but they each insisted they did :-) 

I snuck a pic of the sacked out crew.  If you look closely, they had a feline guest.  Nurnt couldn't pass up all that cuddling :-)  Such a simple gesture, but what a wonderful memory for the kids and Daddy.  Needless to say, Jon was the "coolest" parent all weekend long!

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