Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Homeschool Day at Cheekwood

Homeschool Day at Cheekwood turned about to be a bit overcast and the wind was brisk, but we bundled up to enjoy some fun.  There was a great turn-out and multiple activities and tours taking place throughout the day. 

We began by taking a garden tour.  The seasonal flowers in the color garden were in bloom, but the thousands upon thousands of tulips had yet to open due to the unseasonably cool temperatures.  There were some definite sparse patches.  Even still, we enjoyed some beauty and learned new things along the way.  A great real-life connection...  studying the sun-dial the kids saw Roman Numerals.  The boys just happened to begin studying them in math. 

The history of Cheekwood was rather interesting, and my kids can all tell you the origin of the familiar slogan "Good to the last drop!"  Do you know who said it?  Theodore Roosevelt!  Needless to say, our next grocery store excursion will have us looking for the Maxwell House coffee can on the shelf.  You see, it was the money made from the coffee sells that afforded the building of such a luxurious home during The Great Depression.  We were also quite impressed with the man-made water fall that flowed into three cascading ponds and then was pumped back up the hill.  Extremely impressive for the time period!

Following our garden tour, the kids made a paper tulip craft.  Then, I learned that the upcoming sculpture tour was not stroller friendly.  We made a mad dash to the van to trade in the stroller for the Ergo carrier.  We huffed it to catch up with the hikers who had already begun.  Bringing up the rear, we hiked up and down hills looking at "art."  I admit that I think that term was used loosely, but to each his own, right?  Let's just say, I prefer paintings on a wall to the eccentric structures we passed along the trail :-)

I look forward to returning to Cheekwood this summer to enjoy flowers in full bloom and an upcoming light exhibit.  Thursday evening in June and July are designated as Family Nights Out. There are child-friendly performances, shows, and a kids dance zone.  It sounds like a lot of fun!



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