Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Sellars Farm Nature Hike

Moving mid-semester is hard... yes, even for homeschoolers!!!  Classes and co-ops have already formed and had meetings, and everyone is in a groove.  Therefore, in an attempt to "break-in" to the homeschooling community in our area, I've joined several yahoo groups.  I even posted an introduction of our family and asked for ways we could get connected.  Thankfully, several people responded, and thus, begins our quest to make some new homeschooling friends.

Our first venture led us to join the An Atmosphere of Learning group for their October outing.  This group meets together once a month for nature study and a hike.  The usual meeting spot is the Sellars Farm State Archaeological Area.  It is home to a preserved and protected Native American mound.  There is a walking trail that leads through an open field, wooded areas, and along a creek. 

Ranger Tyler began our time together sharing some of his recent finds...  a walking stick insect, a chipping sparrow nest, and the feet and wings of a great blue heron.  Afterwards, we set out on our trek.  Thankfully for this Momma, the hike was quite leisurely due to our very frequent stops to discover and discuss the flora and fauna.  Ranger Tyler was very knowledgeable and absolutely wonderful with the kids.  My three took an immediate liking to him.  Inquisitive Caleb bombarded him with questions... most on topic, but a few Star Wars tidbits slid in there :-)  All three gave him hugs when he left and look forward to seeing him again.


Following our hike, we enjoyed a picnic and got to know some of the group a little better.  The kids interacted with the other kids and started making friends.  It really was great to be out and about with others and to enjoy some educational/social time. 

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