Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Creatures of the Night

We're still newbies in town.  However, with Jon gone and having been couped up inside unpacking boxes, we were ready to venture out.  Yes, it was mid-morning, but the kiddos and I headed to the local library to fraternize with some "Creatures of the Night."

The nocturnal animals program was put on by NHECM.  The presenter walked throughout the audience and allowed the kiddos a very close view of the critters.  We saw a 3-toed amphiuma, straw-colored fruit bat, raccoon, bobcat, armadillo, and opossum.  As expected, the program left quite an impression on my crew and Daddy got the play-by-play recount on the phone that night. 

photo.JPG photo.JPG photo.JPG photo.JPG

It was a gorgeous day, so we continued exploring our new town and found the park.  After sitting for awhile, the kids were all too happy to rip and roar.  Since the playground had a castle appearance, they each claimed a portion as their personal fortress and ran back and forth visiting one another.  All in all, the activities helped to pass one of the days while Daddy is away. 

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