Sunday, September 2, 2012

Celebrating SIX (a little early)

On Saturday, the Spaulding's gathered to celebrate Miss Rachel's 6th birthday.  Our party had to take place a little early since we'll be on vacation on the actual day and moving shortly after, but as you can see, she was ALL smiles.  Seriously... is she not the cutest little girl on the planet?!!! 
Hello Kitty was the theme... as evidenced by the gifts.  There were clothes, pj's, a remote control car, a bank, earbuds, color book, etc.  One thing for sure, you'll be able to see her coming as most of her Hello Kitty attire is decked out in sequins and sparkles.  Of course, she LOVED all the glamour and glitz.  Combine that with her lip gloss and fingernail polish, and the girly-girl is in heaven! 
Rachel is such a blessing to us all.  Her gorgeous eyes and radiant smile captivate all she encounters, but her sweet spirit and servant's heart are even more beautiful.  Thank you God for this precious gift!

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