Thursday, September 13, 2012

A Vacay Birthday

Miss Rachel's actual birthday fell on vacation again this year, so of course we had to PAR-TAY!  When asked what she wanted to do to celebrate being 6 years old, she chose miniature golf.  I must say her skills have greatly improved since our last attempt.  Well, atleast on the first 18 holes.  On the second course, everyone was getting hot and tired.  Luckily, we all kept it together and there was no mutiny at Mutiny Bay.

 The golf pros???
 Love these cuties!!!
No birthday celebration is complete without a sweet treat.  After lunch, we had birthday cupcakes and ice cream.  Then, presents too!   
Finally, to cap off the birthday celebration, my big girl got her ears pierced.  She did a great job.  No tears at all.  She is proudly rocking the 6 year old birthday bling!  Sooo pretty!

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