Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Random Life Updates

Jon has often referred to me as the "Queen of Random."  Many times I'll say something only to get an odd look of confusion in response.  He'll ask, "Where did that come from?" which actually only complicates things because usually I know exactly where and it just happens to be something else completely random.  Well, this post will only prove his point.  Think you're up to it?

The past couple weeks our house has been in complete disarray with all the home improvements taking place.  In fact, the desktop computer was completely unhooked for over a week, so that is partially why my poor blog was so neglected.  Thankfully, the major items on the to-do-list were completed on Friday, so life has returned to some semblance of normalcy.

House updates - well, we can now say we have the following:
  • new front windows
  • new HVAC
  • new roof
  • new gutters
  • new front door
  • new flooring in the kitchen
  • freshly painted interior
WOW - It's like living in a new house already :-)  We've had two realtors come out to complete a marketing analysis and are now waiting on our relocation company to get back to us with their recommendations.  It is our hope to have the house listed next week. 
After learning our new addition is a precious baby girl when the kids and I went shopping the next day, oddly enough, itty bitty pink things kept gravitating to our cart.  Hahaha!  Not going to lie, I enjoyed buying PINK tremendously.  Did I mention we're all a wee bit excited?


It was our belief that our kitten must be the spawn of Satan because obviously he has lost his ever-loving mind.  He was peeing and pooping any and everywhere including our bedroom, the doormat, a dining room chair, and his favorite spot the bottom of the stairs.  Jon also found a couple hiding spots in the basement that he must have claimed as his personal bathroom despite the absence of a litter box.  At a loss as to what we do, I loaded the rascal up and headed to my Dad's office.  Well, Vet Dad called it - Shadow had a bladder infection and was put on antibiotics.  I'd like to say that was a quick fix, but unfortunately, no. 

Instead, when going down the steps, I was abruptly greeted by a puddle of pee.  I wish I could say that I saw it in advance, but again, NO!!!  Yes, I'm sure for onlookers it would be quite comical.  As my prego self was sliding, I did all I could to keep from ending up laying flat on my face in urine.  So, I grabbed onto the nearby couch and did an ugly version of the splits with my left foot on the floor and right on the steps.  That's when I heard my big toe SNAP, gave way to the pain, and dropped a knee/leg in pee. YUCK and pain!  If I wasn't so very injured, the cat would have died instantly. 

Now, I'm sporting a broken, very purple, very sore toe.  However, I'm glad to report that an additional litter box and change in litter has improved the situation.  Unless there is a secret hidden stash we are unaware of, the silly cat has finally decided to use the litter box.  Thank goodness!

Later than my original plans, the Wellspring Academy began school yesterday.  The kiddos were genuinely excited and worked hard.  Even better, they woke up today ready to begin again.  I love the beginning of a new year and the enthusiasm it brings.  I pray that we can keep this momentum even with all the life changes ahead.  We're implementing some new things, and I believe this is going to be a great year of learning for us all.

(Notice the hopefully rehabilitated cat in the first pic and my freshly painted walls and new window in the second. 
Now, how's that for cohesiveness?!!)

Finally, after all the craziness and the first day of school, a TREAT!  I thought we deserved it.  I only partook of one of these, but mine may or may not have said KING SIZE :-)  Let's just say baby girl was tap dancing last night!

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