Saturday, August 25, 2012

First Field Trip

You know you are a homeschooler when the first week of school, your mind is already on field trips.  We worked hard Monday through Wednesday and extra time on Thursday, so we could enjoy our day out with friends.  Friday found us at the Frazier History Museum and The Kentucky State Fair with the Howell's. 

We were able to take advantage of free admission to the Frazier History Museum which was a bonus for the pocketbook.  The kids had glimpses into the past viewing items from Britain and early America.  A special bonus was the Samurai exhibit.  Some special highlights included trying their hands at bow shooting, trying to lift the heavy armor, playing drums, and checking out the various weaponry on display.  We also listened to a historic interpretation of an Agincourt Archer.


Following our visit to the museum, we headed to the state fair.  We grabbed lunch, and the kids enjoyed looking around at all the prize winning entries.  It was super cool that their friend McKenzie got a 1st place ribbon for her pretty, pink doll outfit and 2nd place for her banana bread.  Of course, they began plotting and planning what they may enter next year.  I assured them it wouldn't be any baked goods if Momma was to help out :-)  Oh well, I guess I better get in-the-know regarding the TN State Fair, huh?

We ended our day together with a cool, tasty treat.  Food... Isn't that what the fair is really all about? For our first field trip of the school year, I'd say we did well.  Now, where to next? 

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