Thursday, August 2, 2012

Classroom... you mean for the stuff, right?

Can you believe it is already Day 4?
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In our homeschool, the word classroom is used rather loosely.  Our formal dining room houses the majority of the homeschool "stuff" but rarely if ever do we actually all sit around the table to work.  With the exception of handwriting, which requires sitting still at the table, the kids are free to roam throughout the house. 

 You may find one in the floor...

 another in bed with a book...

...or one on the couch with the laptop.

Messy projects are done at the kitchen table, or you may find us learning outside. We school a lot on-the-go since we're a huge fan of field trips. Still with all these options, I do believe the most favorite place to have school is all cuddled up in Mommy's bed. This is our favorite read-aloud spot and sometimes we watch a Netflix video together. 

While we don't utilize the room much for schooling per se, I thought I'd give you a peek at the dining room.  (I promise it is rarely this clean and organized, but in preparing for the move it has received a good overhaul.)  The three small black bookcases have been a wonderful investment.  While there is no shortage of shelves in our home, these fit perfectly in the space and are able to house at least the things we are currently using.  I have a basket that holds teacher's manuals and textbooks that we all use together, a filing system that has a lot of Rachel's "Letter of the Week" Curriculum organized and pre-loaded.  Also, each of the kids has a shelf that holds their clipboards, dry erase boards, and school supply caddy.  In addition, they each have a couple of magazine file boxes for their workbooks and curriculum.  The remaining shelves hold Early Readers, FIAR books, Non-fiction books, History & Geography materials, and future read-aloud titles.

We may not have the largest, most immaculate learning space, but it gets the job done.  You'll want to visit the blogs below to view the great variety of classrooms the Schoolhouse Review Crew uses.  Some will make you "ooo" and "aahh" and want to hire them as your interior designer and others will be filled with great organization tips for small spaces.  You will see people schooling in unconventional spaces and others with desks, a chalkboard, and the whole shebang.  I think it is pretty neat how we all have our own flavor and flair, but we share the commonality of educating our children wholeheartedly.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing all of your learning areas! :-) I hope you have a smooth move {I have noticed that quite a few moms on this Hop are moving, or just recently moved}. Hope you have a blessed school year with your cute kiddos. :)

Stefanie said...

Our current school room is red too. lol Which I loved until we added some stuff from Ikea that has bright blue and green bins. Now it all clashes but we're moving in a couple of months so I guess it's mote now.