Friday, May 6, 2011

Where A Kid Can Be A KID

We visited the mouse today.  Oh no, not THE MOUSE, but my kiddos know all about Mickey.  They are very excited to someday see him.  Not sure when exactly that someday will be, but a trip to Disney will take place in the future.  No, we visited Chuck E. Cheese!  He is a mouse, right?  Let's hope he is not a rat hanging out at a restaurant.  EWWW - YUCK!
This outing marked Jeremiah and Rachel's first trip to "Where a Kid Can Be a Kid!"  That just goes to show how becoming a family of 5 automatically makes you more frugal.  Did I mention we chose to eat somewhere else beforehand and only play games at C. E. C.'s?  Oh yeah, and we had a coupon to get extra tokens free! 

Anyway, this spot had once been a frequent source of entertainment for Caleb.  However, in the 15 months we've been home from Ethiopia, we have not visited once. Time for the deprivation to end.  The kids all had a great time, and Jeremiah and Rachel took to the arcade games and kiddie rides with ease.  They laughed, giggled, and had lots of fun.

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